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Jeremy Sisto

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Jeremy Sisto

Well known for the role he played as Billy Chenowith on HBO's "Six Feet Under", Jeremy Sisto's film credits are vast and include "Angel Eyes", "A Lot Like Love", "In Enemy Hands", "Wrong Turn", and "Thirteen".

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Jeremy Sisto on Losing Titanic Role to Leonardo DiCaprio: "I Was a Little Heartbroken"
Rose and Elton forever? Not so much. Clueless star Jeremy Sisto revealed several years ago that he[...]

Jeremy Sisto lost out on ?Titanic? role to Leo DiCaprio
?That was one of the many, many jobs I didn?t get,? Sisto recalled.

'Clueless' Actor: I Was "Heartbroken" After Losing 'Titanic' Role to Leonardo DiCaprio
Jeremy Sisto played the role of Jack Dawson in Kate Winslet's screen test for the part of Rose.

Jeremy Sisto Was ''Heartbroken'' After He Lost Titanic Role to Leonardo DiCaprio: Watch Now!
Can you imagine what Titanic would be like without Leonardo DiCaprio?! During a visit to HuffPost Live this week, Jeremy Sisto relived his audition and screen test for the lead role in...

Actor Jeremy Sisto Was ?Heartbroken? After He Lost Out On ?Titanic? Role
Jeremy Sisto and Leonardo DiCaprio broke out into Hollywood around the same time, but with very different roles. However, there?s one role they had in common and that?s Jack Dawson in Titanic. At the time Sisto was just on the big screen playing Elton in the 1995 hit Clueless, but unfortunately for Jeremy he didn?t Actor Jeremy Sisto Was ?Heartbroken? After He Lost Out On ?Titanic? Role is an ...

Jeremy Sisto Reveals Clueless Kiss with Alicia Silverstone Was a Childhood Dream Come True
Sisto reveals kissing his Clueless costar meant more than just "rolling with the homies"

Jeremy Sisto Was Heartbroken After Losing 'Titanic' Role to Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio is the Jack we all know, but Jeremy Sisto was in the running for the part in Titanic. In fact, the man who played Elton on Clueless told HuffPost Live that he read with Kate Winslet for her screen test. And yet, acting with the woman who got the role of Rose just was not enough. Even though Sisto really wanted the job, he acknowledges that it was not meant to be. "While I was a ...

Chris Pratt Played Superhero For Jeremy Sisto's Son
Chris Pratt is considered a real-life superhero to Jeremy Sisto 's family after the Guardians Of The Galaxy star saved the actor's son from a locked bathroom.

That Time Chris Pratt Rescued Jeremy Sisto?s Kids
We already suspected that Chris Pratt was something of a real-life super hero. But we truly had no idea until Clueless actor Jeremy Sisto revealed a surprising story about how Pratt helped rescue his kids. 7 Times We Fell in Love with Chris Pratt While on Big Morning Buzz Live promoting his new, mysterious A+E series, The Returned, Sisto opened up to Nick Lachey about the time his 3-year-old ...

?The Return?s? Jeremy Sisto on His Character: ?He?s a Different Kind of Insane? (Video)
Fresh off his three-year stint on ABC?s comedy ?Suburgatory,? actor Jeremy Sisto is revisiting his dramatic roots in A&E?s ?The Returned.?

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Jeremay appeared in the Twisted Sister's video "We're not gonna take it".
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